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X2nSat is a forward-thinking company leading the way into the future of satellite communications. Founded in 1996, X2nSat is helmed by a visionary executive team that is constantly pursuing excellence and innovation so that clients receive the best solutions and service.

Meet Our Leaders

X2nSat is a forward-thinking company leading the way into the future of satellite communications. Founded in 1996, X2nSat is helmed by a visionary executive team that is constantly pursuing excellence and innovation so that clients receive the best solutions and service.

Executive Team

Garrett C. Hill Chief Executive Officer
About Garrett C. Hill As CEO and founder, Mr. Hill guides the vision and cutting-edge culture of X2nSat, one of the most veteran VSAT providers in North America. In 1996, he founded this forward-thinking satellite communications company with a mission to provide highly reliable, wireless network and communication solutions to a variety of North American industries.
Richard Doherty Chief Financial Officer
About Richard Doherty Mr. Doherty has over 30 years of International Financial experience in publicly and privately held telecommunications, technology, and professional services companies. He leads X2nSat’s finance, accounting, logistics, and contract management functions. And his focus is on operational and financial analytics including potential acquisitions review and analysis. He holds a BS Degree in Bio-Chemistry, and an MBA with specialization in Finance, both from Santa Clara University.
Karen Siembieda Director, Program Management
About Karen Siembieda Mrs. Siembieda has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, information technology, and financial services industries. She specializes in operations, client retention, compliance, and project management. In her role at X2nSat as Director, Program Management, Mrs. Siembieda oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of the Major Client Program, including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities.
Jena Blazer Director of Sales & Marketing
About Jena Blazer Mrs. Blazer has a well-rounded marketing background with experience in both B2B and B2C sales. As Director of Marketing, she manages the X2nSat brand and oversees campaign implementation of new targeted brands. She is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets. As Director of Sales, she manages the sales team and sales support staff, develops and executes strategic plans to achieve sales targets, and drives the sales process from plan to close.
Josh Maynard Director of Network Operations
About Josh Maynard Mr. Maynard has over 19 years of experience in telecommunications, information technology, and information services operations.  He has specialized in satellite communications systems at not only large gateways, but remote terminals as well. In his role as Director of Network Operations at X2nSat, he oversees the operations carried out by the Technical Support and Network Operations teams. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Management from Michigan State University and an Associates of Applied Science in Satellite Communications from Central Texas College.

Board Of Directors

Pat Matthews Board Member
About Pat Matthews Pat Matthews retired from Cobham in 2008, and now serves on multiple for-profit and non-profit boards in Northern California. He's also CFO of Devil’s Slide Taproom, a family-run business in Pacifica, California. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Antioch College in 1974, and attended the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School from 1996-1998. He is married with two grown children. Mr. Matthews was a founding partner in Overseas Auto Parts, a foreign auto parts store located in Vermont, then joined Sea Tel in 1981. He became President of Sea Tel in 1988, overseeing Sea Tel's co-founding of Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN). In 2000, Sea Tel purchased a large share of TracStar in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Matthews became President of Sea Tel in 2002, and, in conjunction with Cobham plc, arranged the purchase by Sea Tel of the remaining shares of TracStar in 2005. He was later appointed President of Cobham Antennas, a new division created by Cobham plc. Cobham Antennas included 12 companies located on three continents.
Bryan Hill Board Member
About Bryan Hill Bryan Hill, the visionary founder and CEO of IP Access International (IPA, founded in 1999) and TodoCast TV (2009), influenced the satellite and communications industry with one-of-a-kind products and services. IPA implemented one of the first IP-over-satellite networks that allowed foreign telcos and corporations access to the U.S. backbone, and ubiquitous communications anywhere. Today, IPA is the premier satellite communications company for critical mobile communications to over 350 public safety agencies, First Responders, and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as multinational corporations. For more than 15 years, IPA has been delivering applications over satellite in a highly reliable manner. Mr. Hill has been instrumental in setting up successful satellite businesses for public and private companies in Australia, the Middle East, and in South America. With TodoCast TV, he has focused on video. Today TodoCast is a premier online IP video platform and audience management system designed for satellite networks. Mr. Hill has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from San Diego State University and sits on the boards of IP Access, TodoCast, and X2nSat. He enjoys captaining his boat, spending time with friends and family, being involved in Adventure Guides, and serving in Rotary International.
Peter Whyte Board Member
About Peter Whyte Peter Whyte has many years of top-level international business experience, ranging from European-based, multi-national corporations to Silicon Valley start-ups, with particular expertise in new ventures, international business, and the management of complex corporations and agencies. He is a former CEO of four companies and chairman of three, with hands-on business experience in more than 50 countries. Mr. Whyte graduated from Leeds University in the UK, with an honors engineering degree and an MBA. His first position was as a worldwide field engineer, installing diesel engines in trucks and fishing boats as part of a World Bank redevelopment program. Among the corporations he subsequently worked for are Reed International Ltd./Spicers International plc (Paper, Stationery Newspapers, Communications) as Board Director responsible for overseas trading, and Staveley Industries plc (Engineering Conglomerate) as Managing Director of Staveley International. With Staveley, he acquired and managed a number of diverse operations in the U.S. and Europe. Since 1980, Mr. Whyte has lived and worked in the Bay Area of Northern California. During that time he held the position of Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Wells Fargo Bank and subsequently became a founder and CEO of Simon Software, Inc., merged with ECAD Inc. to become Cadence Design Systems, a Silicon Valley company that produces advanced software design tools for the semiconductor industry. Cadence is quoted today on the New York Stock Exchange. Following the successful public offering of Cadence, he pursued a number of private interests, and formed Collingwood Associates, Inc., a consulting company that helps groups achieve focus and consensus through personal facilitation and consulting. In 1999, he co-founded WaveCall, Inc., providing maritime broadband Internet. Over the last 15 years, he has collaborated in a variety of roles with Sea Tel, WaveCall, Cobham plc, and X2nSat in expanding the use of broadband Internet via satellite. A life-long sailor, he has also found the time to skipper boats in the Atlantic, the Caribbean, from New York to San Francisco, and in races across the Pacific.

Innovation Timeline

For over two decades, we've been at the forefront of satellite communications technology. Dedicated to exploring and discovering new products and services that improve the user experience for our clients, we've developed a reputation as innovators in our field.

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