SCADA and the cybersecurity challenge

We are accustomed to thinking about enterprise networks and systems as methods for sharing information across the sometimes vast and diverse areas of an organization. Often, these communications networks are needed not solely for employees, but for the... Read More

Digitizing the Oil & Gas Industry

Companies everywhere are using digital communication technologies to improve their productivity, increase reliability, control costs and ensure worker safety. This digital transformation consistently provides measurable business benefits, so much so that falling behind the curve in technology creates... Read More

The Model T of Satellites

Henry Ford built the Model T in 1908 with a dream for it to be the car for every man. By applying assembly line processes from the meat packing business and continuous flow production models used in flour... Read More

Should Elon Musk Save Earth or Colonize Mars?

It may not be effective storytelling to give you the answer to this question in the opening paragraph, but I think the answer is obvious (and I’m hoping most of you will want to read the article anyway).... Read More

The Last Frontier: Space

I recently acquired a classic car from the 60’s. I was looking for a Sunday driver. Something to cruise around town on the weekends when I want to slow things down from the fast-paced nature of everyday business... Read More

A New Year and a New Look

2016 was a year of many milestones here at X2nSat. From a broad perspective, we celebrated 20 years of hard work and innovation as a company in the SatCom business. Our bench is deep with over 250 years... Read More

Dinner Rolls & Risk: Capturing the Spirit of a Visionary

Author – Garrett Hill To my own surprise, I’ve been inspired by a dinner roll. Not the Betty Crocker variety. And not that clever little scene from Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush. I’m talking about Jonny Moseley’s contribution to... Read More